Assignment 9: Make sounds with an Arduino

For this assignment, using an Arduino, generate sound-over-time and sound-by-interrupt that conveys meaning, feeling, or specific content. You can generate sound with a speaker or a kinetic device (ex: door chime) or some other novel invention.

This is a good time to use push buttons or other inputs to trigger sound and another input to define the type of sound.

This is also where interrupts are very useful.

My example in class was how my phone *doesn’t* use interrupts well. If I am listening to music and someone rings my doorbell at home, my phone continues to play music *and* the doorbell notification app at the same time.  If I need to talk to the person ringing the bell, their voice is mixed in 50/50 with the music I’m listening too.

What the app should do is stop the music, play the notification, then give me the opportunity to talk to the person at the door, then continue playing music.

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