Mini assignment 9

What sounds would you add to your house to make it more accessible?

  • Pretty much every gadgets in my house talk/play sound when something happens (even the cat feeder..or the toilet..) but one thing I wish is my studio room!! As you can tell from my past projects I have many issues with my studio regarding my health! Wouldn’t it be nice for my studio room to have a detector that tells me how toxic the air level is right now..
  • Or I want some sound that tells me how the water temperature is just right when I shower. Like when the water’s temperature reaches the user’s set temperature, it makes a sound.
  • My dad tends to fall asleep while he is boiling something on the stove, and it sometimes overflows. He says that he wishes that the sound could tell him that the stove is overheating.


Junior in Art, trying to minor in physical computing.

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