Mini assignment 9

  • Elevators in my tall apartment building (22 floors) can take a long time to arrive because we’re limited to 1 household per elevator trip. If there are multiple people waiting for elevators during ‘rush hour’ (and yes there is still rush hour during covid times, many people walk their dogs at the same time) it’d be good if a chirping sound was made before I’m about to leave the house.
  • The recycling area in my apartment building is usually overflowing; I wish that a sound would be made if it’s empty so I can immediately bring my recyclables over.
  • It can be hard to stay on top of perishables in the fridge, both stocking what I need (e.g. eggs, bananas, milk etc.) and making sure that I consume food in an orderly manner (First in, First out) so if the fridge could make a sound to remind me if I need to replenish something or if I need to consume something soon.
  • My white whale in cooking is making toast in my oven. Unlike boiling / frying, there is little sensory feedback (smell, sound, sight, etc.) on how hot the burner is and I often end up burning my bread. I wish that the oven would tell me once it was done.
  • I have a humidifier and air purifier – I wish they would let me know when their filters needed changing.
  • When my keys are not in their appropriate storage place, I wish that they would make a sound to remind me to place them back.
  • If I wake up and we might have a few hours of sunshine that day, I wish my home would encourage me to go outside by playing a spritely tune when I get out of bed in the morning.
  • If I haven’t meditated that day, I wish my meditation chair could make a sound to call this to my attention when my roommate isn’t on work calls.

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