Class notes, 29 October, 2020

Non-instrument sounds used in music


Tour de France, use of bicycle/human sounds as part of a song:
Autobahn, which I talked about but we didn’t listen:

Art of Noise is another band that used sampling to bring non-instrument noises to music:
Another song using the orchestral hit, Close (To the Edit):

German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten uses found objects for percussion and background tambre:

Cultural conflation

M.I.A. has western/asian drifter culture as part of a video shot in Morrocco in support of a movement to let women legally drive cars.

Environmental sound

why is this machine so quiet?

what is all the computation happening in this machine?
how is this different from a Trader Joe’s microwave-meal-box?

Colorblind simulator

Maria asked a question about how to express color as sound.  One place to start this sort of research is a colorblind simulator:

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