Class notes, 12 Nov 2020

p5.js / arduino

Configure/test p5.js not required for final crit but lets make sure you can use it if you decide to.  The NYU ITP instructions are a good guide.  Do not use the online p5.js web editor, use local files and a local browser and text editor.

Final Crit

Start thinking about the final crit. We only have one more day to access A10, 24 Nov, and you should have your wish lists ready

For the final crit  combine visual, sound, and kinetics with a state machine and sensors to make something more accessible, usable, or uses universal design.

Here’s a rough schedule.  On some of the work days I will do a brief lecture based on questions or inspirational projects done in other physical computing projects.  The remainder of this time is making up for my not having open-office hours in A10.

  • 17 Nov — workshop proposals
  • 19 Nov — work day
  • 24 Nov — last day in A10
  • 26 Nov — vacation
  • 1 Dec — work day
  • 3 Dec — crit test flight
  • 8 Dec — work day
  • 10 Dec — final crit

Assignment for Tuesday

Crit warmup: come up with a problem to solve.  No need to write code (unless you want to), just a statement of the problem and your solution.

We will discuss these on Tuesday and brainstorm improvements.

Viewing assignment

These are based on the idea of how you can hide/obfuscate the man behind the curtain.

Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language

Former CIA Operative In Charge of Disguise Explains How Spies Use Disguises  (except for the model with a sleeve)

…and debunks spies and disguises in entertainment:

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