Interesting State Machines

Similar to the Korean bath room state machine, this is a Japanese ramen booth seating chart state machine. It shows how many and which seats are empty.

This water kettle that my mom bought can boil water and also keep the water warm. When the light is red, it means the water is heating, and keep warm is not on. When the light is purple, it means the water is heating and water well be kept warm once it finished boiling. When the light is blue, it means the water is being kept warm.


Interesting state machines

  1. This device disrupts the listening of smart speakers until you initiate a voice command. (Source)

2. Food delivery robots (Source)

3. Interactive jewelry that glows differently according to number of people around.

Skills bringing to the class (Assignment 1)

As a mechE, I have a lot of experience in fabricating things. With the remote setting and the resources I have, this won’t necessarily allow me to build amazing physical contraptions; however, I think that my experience and creativity will help me to make things that are still pretty cool even with household items. I have used Arduino quite a bit and know Python, so I have a good foundation for coding my projects. I also have used a wide variety of sensors and actuators before, so am excited to keep expanding with new things this semester and to build more complicated contraptions.