Welcome to Intro to Game Prototyping

Welcome to the first edition of 53-110 “Introduction to Game Prototyping”. (Now socially distant!)

This course teaches the fundamentals of designing, testing, and refining a game. We will examine the structure of games, strategies for generating game concepts, and methods to rapidly prototype and test designs.

Our class begins Monday 6/29!

Live classes will be held daily via Zoom during our regular class time (12:00-1:20pm EDT). (The link is available in the announcements and syllabus on CANVAS). This class features a significant amount of direct interaction and group activity. As such, your attendance is expected for these sessions – this is a sychronous class. Classes will be recorded and posted to the class Canvas if you need to review or are unable to make a class, but please email the instructor if you know you will be absent.

The course structure and assignments will be discussed in this initial class. See you soon!