Assignment 5: Astral Attackers 3: The Final Round

Now that our game mechanics are all working, it is time to punch up the “WOW!” factor of our game with cooler aliens, better visual effects, more UI (ok, that one may not be as exciting, but it IS important!), and finally we will build this version into its own stand-alone application/executable, so that you can say “I built this!”

Required Items

ITEM 1: Three (3) Levels – [REQUIRED]

Build your experience to have three (3) levels of gameplay. This will include two levels of advancing aliens, and a third level with no aliens that will serve as a boss level, detailed below in Item 4. Each “Level” should be structured as its own Scene. Successful completion of a level should advance you to the next one. Your GameManager should persist across scenes, using a combination of the Singleton structure, and the DontDestroyOnLoad( ) method, as covered in class this week.

ITEM 2: Convert UI to TextMeshPro – [REQUIRED]

Your current game interface objects (score, lives, messaging) as well as the interface menus required for this round of the assignment must use TextMeshPro objects, instead of the standard Unity text objects. Make sure to import and convert a font to use – your interface should NOT use a UI default font.

ITEM 3: Tougher Enemy with Color Changing Blocks – [REQUIRED]

Create at least one enemy type that requires 2 (or more) hits to destroy. These enemies should show damage by changing their appearance (color swap).

ITEM 4: Like a Boss – [REQUIRED]

Level 3 should be a “Boss” battle. A big guy to fight that takes a little more effort and strategy. Make sure you intensify the action with background music! The boss should be made up of multiple parts that must be individually destroyed. (This could be something like an arm, a wing, a landing pad, a shield…) Once the appendages have been destroyed, expose a weak spot on the main body, indicated with a different color.

(The “weak spot” should be the only area of the boss where your bullets have effect) 

  • EXTRA CREDIT 1: Modify the colors to make the weak spot appear to pulsate. 
  • EXTRA CREDIT 2: Make the enemy flash quickly in response to a good hit.

ITEM 5: Menu Scenes – Title, Tutorial, Credits – [REQUIRED]

In addition to the three playable scenes, your game should include three menu scenes for UI. Each of these menu scenes will use UI buttons that will function and move you between scenes or to the gameplay. These scenes are:

  1. Title Screen – Should include a title, a “Start” button, and buttons to view “Instructions” and “Credits”.
  2. Instruction Screen – include a button to go “back” to the main title screen.
  3. Credits Screen – include a button to go “Back” to the main title screen.

Additionally, the Game Over screen should include a button to go back to the main title screen. (no more “press S to start” or “press R to reset”)

ITEM 6: Build the App / Exe – [REQUIRED]

This time you will submit not only your zipped project folder, but also the zipped executable for your game. For Mac users, this means submitting a zipped version of the “.app” object. For Windows users, this means submitting a zipped version of the “.exe” file, along with the support files and folders that Unity will publish.

Optional Items

ITEM 7: New Power-ups (pick 2) – [OPTIONAL]

Below are three suggested power-up types to choose from. To satisfy this item, you must implement two of these. This is in addition to the 1-UP extra life power-up from the last round. Your method of gathering this power-up should be the same as the extra life power-up, except for a visual difference in the appearance of the object they will gather or shoot, to indicate which power up this is. These power-ups should be temporary, and are immediately revoked if the player object is destroyed.

  • 3 SHOOTER: when this power-up is active, the player object will shoot three bullets at a time. One will be angled straight up, and the other two will be angled out from the center with one on each side.
  • BIG BULLET: when this power-up is active, the larger bullet can destroy multiple targets by not stopping when it hits and destroys an enemy object.
  • TEMPORARY SHIELD: This power-up puts a temporary force field around the player object, which follows them as they move. The player bullet can pass through it, but enemy bombs will be destroyed upon touching it.

ITEM 8: Better Debris – [OPTIONAL]

Make the after-effect of the explosion more impactful by improving the falling chunks of spaceship. Instead of blinking out of existence the debris should fade out by adjusting the alpha channel over time. For an extra challenges, adjust the color of the blocks as they fall – such as randomized shades of gray, or an animated change of color to indicate a smoldering fire.

Item 9: Boss VFX

Create the special effects outlined in the Boss Item’s Extra Credit – make your Boss’s weak/vulnerable spot pulse to catch your users attention. When the boss’s weak spot is hit, make the entire boss model flash as feedback that damage has occured.


Grading for this project will be done as follows:

All Required Items (Steps 1-6): B

All Required Items (and everything runs perfectly): B+

All Required + 1 Optional: A-

All Required + 2 Optional: A

All Required + All Optional: A+

The project is due by Friday (10/15) at class time (2:40pm Eastern). Create a COMPRESSED (ZIPPED) VERSION OF YOUR BUILD** and a  compressed (zipped) folder of your project directory, and submit those in a folder labeled “Assignment 5” that you will create inside your individual assignment folder. Indicate which zip is your build, and which is your project folder.

** BUILD includes the full contents of the .app application folder (MacOS) or the full contends of the build folder – executables, data folders, crash handlers – (Windows). This must all be zipped into one file.