Week 2: Pong (the hard way)

In this exercise, we are going to create the beginning of a Pong style game from scratch. We will use Unity primitives to create a playing field, make objects move with code and input from our keyboard, and finally have our ball bounce off of the walls.

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Zoom Remote Control

One feature that I expect we will need to implement in this class is the ability for the instructor to control a student’s screen, in order to help diagnose buggy behavior and resolve issues. In order for these requests to be granted, there are sometimes additional steps that you may need to take to authorizecontinue reading

Week 1: Unity Basics

Today we kicked off our first class by covering the basics of what makes up a “game engine”, downloading the Unity Hub and installing our Unity version that we will use for the semester. Finally, we took a tour of the interface, and created a never-ending fountain of prefab boxes. To review today’s class, youcontinue reading


Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester of 53-353 Understanding Game Engines. This course seeks to demystify the process of developing and programming games using game engine software (in this case we will be using Unity). This course is being offered remotely, with both synchronous and asynchronous options. There will be a weekly Zoom meeting duringcontinue reading