Assignment 1: Paddles

For our first week, we will keep things relatively simple – you will add the two features outlined below to our game. Try to get these working to the best of your ability. For this first assignment you will be graded on the attempt rather than the execution.

CHALLENGE #1)  Make the ball bounce off of the paddles by adding on to the reflection techniques we have already implemented above.  You only need to consider the “front” face of the paddle – ignore the tops, bottoms, and backs for now, unless you really like a challenge.

CHALLENGE #2)   Constrict the movement of the paddles to keep them inside the playing field.  This process should look similar to the one we applied to the ball – detecting an object outside of range and correcting the position.

DIRECTIONS: For this week, you will submit ONLY your script file (Pingel.cs or whatever you called it) in the Box folder that was assigned to you. Create a folder named Assignment 1  and place your C# script into there. The is the only item you need to submit this week.

DUE: Friday, 9/9 @ 1:00pm. Please submit on time, as we will be discussing the results in class.