Assignment 7: Platform Game 2 – Animation

This week we learn how to animate things – our characters, our objects, even our tiles. Now it is time to put that to knowledge to practice and bring your own personal game to life.

For this assignment, you must complete your own platform game, customizing it to your own design. This means defining the characters and their behaviors, building the world of the game, designing your demo level, and adding the little touches that make this specifically yours. This week’s assignment should be built on the previously submitted assignment, and must include the required conditions from that assignment. You should NOT use this week’s project archive as a base for your submission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this project, you will probably be importing third party assets. This is permitted for the assignment, but there are restrictions. Pay close attention to the descriptions for each item as to what you can import, and what you must generate yourself. Also, you must provide attribution for these assets (tell us where they came from). See the Grading section for instructions on how to submit this info.

Required Items

ITEM 1: Animated Player Character – [REQUIRED]

You must create and apply animations to your hero character.

You are responsible for providing the sprites and animations. These can be assets you create yourself, or ones that you find online or on the Asset Store, but do not use assets with predefined animation – sprite sheets only! You must be the one responsible for setting up the animation controller and animation clips for this character.

At a minimum, your character should be able to stand idle, run, and jump, and have different animation clips for each. Additional states to consider would be walking, death animations, attacks, etc.

ITEM 2: Animated Enemies – [REQUIRED]

You should have created two enemies in the last assignment. Now bring them to life. These enemies must be animated using sprites (or tiles if you had an environmental enemy expressed with a tile). Same rules as the player character – do not use pre-made animations from packages. You must assemble the animation controller and clips yourself.

ITEM 3: Tile Animation – [REQUIRED]

At least one tile or tile type in your game should be animated using the Tile animation system. You must set up the animation yourself from a sprite sheet or series of sprites. Do not import predefined animated tiles for this item. You must configure the animations yourself.

ITEM 4: Moving Platforms – [REQUIRED]

You must have at least two moving platforms in your level. Your player should remain steady on a platform while it is in motion (should not fall off, become separated, or be left behind)

ITEM 5: Coins! – [REQUIRED]

Your game level should have coins that the player can pick up. The coins should have some form of animation. You can choose whether this animation will be sprite based or motion based (such as animating a 3D object). Coins should make a noise when acquired by the player.


This assignment this week will be graded subjectively, and will be based upon the degree to which you demonstrate proficiency with the various animation methods necessary for the required items above.

The project is due by Friday, 11/4 @ 1:00pm. Create a folder for Assignment 7 in your Box directory and submit the following deliverables:

  • a compressed (zipped) version of your project directory
  • a compressed (zipped) version of your application or executable (with support files)
  • a readme.txt file containing attributions for your assets