Assignment 5: Astral Attackers 3: The Final Round

Now that our game mechanics are all working, it is time to punch up the “WOW!” factor of our game with cooler aliens, better visual effects, more UI (ok, that one may not be as exciting, but it IS important!), and finally we will build this version into its own stand-alone application/executable, so that you can say “I built this!”

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Lesson 4: Astral Attackers (Part II)

In this week’s class, we discussed strategies for audio, and covered the Singleton pattern – a very powerful tool (but also a potentially tricky/dangerous one) for organizing our game and exposing our “manager” scripts to the objects in our scene. The videos this week will cover updates to our Astral Attackers game to build a Sound Manager, create the Game Manager which will handle our game state and flow, and finally we will make some visual improvements to our environment and to our enemies to spice things up.

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Assignment 3: Astral Attackers (Part I)

This week’s assignment is to add some personality to our game, by performing some of the tasks that we left only partially complete, or perhaps completely ignored (like adding awesome sounds). Required Items ITEM 1: Add Sounds – [REQUIRED] Our game is going to need some awesome sounds to add to the action. Go outcontinue reading

Lesson 3: Astral Attackers (Part I)

Today we started out on our new game – “Astral Attackers” – a Space Invaders inspired alien shooter that we will use to illustrate the ways in which the objects in our object-oriented program interact with one another. Instead of a coordinated central script controlling the action, the gameplay instead emerges from the behaviors we give the objects themselves.

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Assignment 2: Finish Easy Pong

Your assignment is to complete our Pong game by placing and managing the remaining UI components for scoring and messaging, adding the missing steps from our state outline, and customizing the game with your own personal touches.  There are five required parts to this, and two that are optional. Completing the required will get youcontinue reading

Week 2: Pong (the easy way)

This week, we replicate last week’s accomplishments in a matter of minutes by using the tools that Unity affords us. This frees up extra time to build our even more of our game and get to work on the logic of moving through the stages of our gameplay. We will work with physics, collisions, sound, scripting prefabs, enumerations, coroutines, and Unity’s UI system. Let’s jump in!

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