Assignment 6: Platform Game

It’s time to dive into 2D development with the creation of your very own side-scrolling adventure. In this round, you have much more creative freedom than before – your characters, story, and level design are up to you! You will be seeing less and less constraints over the next few assignments, as the training wheels are coming off and you get to decide what your game should be.

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Assignment 5: Astral Attackers 3: The Final Round

Now that our game mechanics are all working, it is time to punch up the “WOW!” factor of our game with cooler aliens, better visual effects, more UI (ok, that one may not be as exciting, but it IS important!), and finally we will build this version into its own stand-alone application/executable, so that you can say “I built this!”

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Assignment 3: Astral Attackers (Part I)

This week’s assignment is to add some personality to our game, by performing some of the tasks that we left only partially complete, or perhaps completely ignored (like adding awesome sounds). Required Items ITEM 1: Add Sounds – [REQUIRED] Our game is going to need some awesome sounds to add to the action. Go outcontinue reading

Assignment 2: Finish Easy Pong

Your assignment is to complete our Pong game by placing and managing the remaining UI components for scoring and messaging, adding the missing steps from our state outline, and customizing the game with your own personal touches.  There are five required parts to this, and two that are optional. Completing the required will get youcontinue reading

Assignment 1: Paddles

For our first week, we will keep things relatively simple – you will add the two features outlined below to our game. Try to get these working to the best of your ability. For this first assignment you will be graded on the attempt rather than the execution. CHALLENGE #1)  Make the ball bounce off ofcontinue reading