Week 7 News

The big news this week was the puzzling HTC Flow, best described as a VR device for people who don’t like VR. Also, version control software just made a former Hall of Famer (more of) a multimillionaire. Let’s dig in!

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Week 6 News – A Bad Week for Facebook

Facebook Whistleblower testifies before Congress Facebook has recently been in the news as a cache of internal documents has been leaked to the media showing that their own internal research indicated issues created by their platforms, especially the effects on the self-esteem of younger users on platforms such as Instagram. This has led to acontinue reading

Week 2 News Reads

Summer is generally a quiet season for business, but now with Labor Day in our rear-view mirror the industry news is kicking up. A number of big announcements and product launches are coming up in the next few weeks, so it’s time to speculate! Here are the five things that I am watching this week…

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