The Alpha Build

We’ve recently completed our alpha build — the first playable version of our game. An alpha build is essential for detecting bugs and providing a general feel for how the game should play out, both with mechanics and environment. For this build, we implemented some key factors: player buggy models, usable powerup items, improved opponent AI, and lots more.


In previous weeks, we have showcased our concept art — a low poly, geometric design and more cartoony artstyle. For our alpha build, our Art team translated this 2D concept art into 3D models. Players are now able to choose from eleven unique buggies inspired by real buggies throughout CMU history.

Our art team has also implemented 3D builds throughout Track 1, including barriers, the Phipps Conservatory, and the Pothole Bus, and our finish line on the Schenley Bridge. 

In-game screenshot of Track 1’s Finish Line and Pothole Bus

Lastly, Art has created UI icons for each powerup item. These will appear on the player’s screen when they pick up an item. 


Our Design team has been focused on UI design, weekly external playtesting, and level design.   

For our alpha build, we have implemented the beginnings of UI framework. Our improved buggy selection screen allows players to scroll through each of our eleven buggy models. Players can also see their buggy opponents.


Our Sound team has included SFX for rolling wheels, when an item is picked up, and when a player goes through a speed boost.


Our Code team has been hard at work finalizing our buggy driving system, and driving has been fine-tuned for a smoother, easier-to-handle player experience.

Code has also included opponent buggy AI. Now players will race against three opponent buggies.

Player racing against opponents

In addition, Code has implemented the powerup item framework. Players can now pick up and use items along the track — but so can opponent buggies.

“Slippy” powerup dropped by player

Looking Ahead

In the coming weeks…

  • Art will be creating more 3D models for Track 1 buildings and powerup items.
  • UI designs will be further developed
  • Code will be fine-tuning opponent AI and powerup item usage

See you next week!