AR for a critical “how to manual”

If one major use of AR so far has been in creating how-to’s, particularly highly technical (or military) how to’s…

YouTube / Bloomberg Business – via Iframely

(This is less advanced, but you can see more of the interface:)

YouTube / Steven Henderson – via Iframely

…then, why not play the idea of an AR how-to that asks us to think about our world differently. Our set-up involves virtual touch. What does it mean to virtually touch something?

I am considering themes:

how to perform…





freedom (of speech)

In just the last week we’ve seen these performed with

football helmets, cameras, posters and sharpies, hand-holding, black clothing, poetry (Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen,”), not to mention horrible violence.

Thinking about how-to’s:

The Freedom Fighter's Manual (CIA pamphlet dropped over Nicaragua in 1983)

Make your own Newspaper Headlines – via Iframely – via Iframely – via Iframely

Then there are survival guides:

Pocket Survival Guide

Also thinking about James Pierce’s work on designing resistant interactions (having just seen his thesis presentation last week). And the instruction manual that accompanied the Obscura 1C Digital Camera: – via Iframely



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