“Publish!” by Writ Large Press (2013-2015)

As I think about mapping narratives and creating narratives through interactions in space. I am sharing some of my previous work–more of a way to figure out how to build on it.  Our “Publish!” series is all about engaging the public to write, curate and edit, to see themselves as part of the literary landscape.

Here is “Publish: Your Journey!” In the first iteration, we were installed in a farmer’s market. We were invited by Manifest Destiny: Engaging a Changing Landscape, a group from UC Irvine. We set up typewriters for the public to type up their response to “Where will you be?” then they pinned their writing to a location in the Orange County map book.

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Another installation of this project was located in Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. In this professional writers were installed in the information booth and worked one-on-one with the public to write a story of “Where did you begin?”CKuPjS3UkAAbk7f CKuPyyfUkAA32MC-2 CKuYMp1UYAAT5VY

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