Links to Listening materials


Michel Chion – Sanctus (from Requiem, 1973)

Full version of Requiem (1973)


Pierre Schaeffer – Etude aux chemins de fer (1948)

Pierre Henry – The Art of Sounds (Documentary, 2007)

Pierre Schaeffer + Pierre Henry – Symphonie pour un homme seul (audio only) 1949-50

Symphonie pour un homme seul (with dance)

Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock (1970)

Chirstopher Tyng – Futurama theme song


Pauline Oliveros – Masterclass

Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaiotis ‎– Deep Listening (Full Album)


Diana Deutsch’s Musical Illusions

Shepard Tone

George Friedrich Haas – In Vain (2000), example of a Shepard tone created acoustically

Hildegard Westerkamp – Kits Beach Soundwalk (1989)

Robert Ashley – Automatic Writing (1979)


The Beatles – I’m only sleeping (backward track only)

Herbert Elmer – Elektronische Musik (1957)

The Delian Mode (documentary on Delia Derbyshire)

Dr. Who original theme (1963)


Jacques Tati – Play time (exerpt

Michel Chion on Tati (documentary)

Gravity (dir. Alfonso Cuaron, 2013) – Trailer

The Sound Design in Gravity – reading

Children of Men (dir. Alfonso Cuaron, 2003)

The Fluid Piano

Merzbow – Pulse Demon (1996)


Overtone singing

Overtone singing with Anna-Maria Hefele

Tanya Tagaq – Uja

Max Matthews – Bicycle Built for 2 (1961)

Bjork – Medulla (full album)


Trombone Multiphonics

Clarinet Multiphonics

Salvatore Sciarrino – Let me die before I wake

Cello Map (Cello Multiphonics)

Homer Dudley’s Voder


Edward Dewan – Brainwave light-control (1964)

Alvin Lucier – Music for Solo Perforer (1965)

David Rosenboom – On being invisible

Cellist+sonified biodata

Tom Johnson – Failing – a very difficult piece for solo string bass

Eduardo Miranda – Biocomputer music

A sonic memorial for the victims at Orlando Pulse Nightclub

George Lewis – Interactive trio for trombone, 2 pianos and interactive music system (2011)


Aphex Twin Spectral face

Xenakis and the UPIC system

Iannis Xenakis – Mycenae Alpha

Johannes Kreidler – Kinect studies no.1

Johannes Kreidler – 2 pieces for clarinet and video

Sergei Prokoviev – Peter and the Wolf


Maryanne Amacher – Head Rhythm 1 and Plaything 2


Anechoic Chamber

Thomas Tallis – Spem in Alium

Janet Cardiff – The 40-Part Motet


Pauline Olivers – Sonic Meditations (pdf)

Elvis Presley – Mystery Train

The Beatles – Love me do (1962)

The Beatles – Love me do (from Anthology 1, 1995)

The Echo Chamber in Abbey Road Studio


John Chowning – Turenas 1988

Inner Voice (Meredith Monk documentary –> access via your CMU login

Meredith Monk – Songs of Ascension (2008) (site-specific performance)

Songs of Ascension (Spotify)


Busi aka Kitty

Fischli and Weiss, The Way Things go (1987)

Tetsuya Umeda, amplified objects performance

::vtol:: Until I Die

Jon Rose, Music for 4 Fences


John Cage, Sonata II for prepared piano (1946-48)

John Cage, First Construction (in Metal) 1939

John Cage, Variation V (audio)

John Cage, Variation V (Video)

John Cage, 4’33 (SCORE)

John Cage, 4’33 (performance by David Tudor)

David Tudor, Rainforest IV

David Tudor, Rainforest (circuitry diagram)

Hugh Davis, Music for Bowed Diaphragms (1973)

Jean-Claude Risset, Sud (1985)