P5 – An unfaithful rendition

For this project you will create an interpretation of your song from our Punk White Elephant playlist. Your interpretation should be playable by a small group ranging from two to six musicians, using instruments from our roster. Your performers can also perform with electronics (MIDI controllers, etc) rather than traditional instrumentation.

Your interpretation can be as faithful or unfaithful to the source material as you like. You can create a classical-style rendition of the tune for orchestral instruments, an acappella cover with vocal harmonies, an electronic or electro-acoustic update, or a straight-ahead punk banger.

Your submission will be in the form of an Ableton project that is can be used for the performance of your song. There should be audio tracks for all live instruments with thoughtful processing for your interpretation. You may also use samples, loops, and programmed sequences but you should practice how you would plan to use these in a live performance. Be sure to name your tracks so we all know what tracks are what, and so that you create audio files with meaningful file names!

In addition to your project files, prepare materials your musicians will need to perform the piece. This should includes lyrics (assuming you plan to have vocals) and written parts or a “lead sheet”. Include these in your project folder in a subdirectory named parts.

Before submitting do “Collect all and save” in Ableton to make sure all your files are copied into the project folder. Zip your entire project folder and upload to Google Drive. In Google Drive set your permissions so that “Anyone with the link can view” your zip file. Submit the Google Drive link via Canvas.