marimonda – soli-sketches

I am still not completely sure of these ideas but they’re directions I’m sort of thinking about.

  1. Weird Landscape Generator

In this one I want to make a generative virtual world that can be traveled around with using gestures,  below I  have sort of an image of what the map would look like. I am interested in also using textures from images but I am still thinking about how I would do this, if I should use ML or perhaps an easier way to get weird generative landscapes (I could always just draw elements?).

2. Conversation agent?

Basically you are having a coffee date with certain people (in a sort of speed dating setting) but its really surreal conversations, ideally in a place that seems like could be a recorded zoom session because that’s the most uncomfortable digital space we are all used to. Swiping gestures could be used back and forth to change a person. It would be fun to work with generative backgrounds/people so that each person is unique. Choices would be things the user would have to say, so that the user can simply eat their dinner/coffee without getting their dirty hands on their phone.

3. Bad voice to text diary:

You use swiping/tapping gestures to reset and go back and forth in the pages. Many words are replaced to make what is being written somewhat nonsensical.

Certain keywords could aid in formatting? “bold” allows words to get bolded, as does “italics” and maybe certain words like “bigger”/”smaller” could change the font size. It would also be fun to experiment with posting these diary entries in social media with IFTTT.

4. Tweet navigator that shows/reflects specific trends/sets of keywords that are chosen from a list (using swipe or tap) to create poetry (it could also be generative, where the user swipes through different generative phrases to find tweets with them). This could also incorporate elements from 3. with speech to text.