Soli Landscapes

For this project, I am using the Soli sensor data as a way to traverse and look for specific objects in a generative landscape. The text quoted below in the screen is a statement that will reference a specific thing to look for in the environments. In the case of the video below, the excerpt references and eyes and so the player needs to traverse through the landscape to find them.

This project is not complete, and while the main elements of the game are complete, I still have a few things left to implement:

  1. I am still working on making the objects move smoothly using linear interpolation and parallax. I think this would greatly improve the visual presentation of the piece.
  2. I am working on using recursive tree structures and animations to make this environment more dynamic. I also want to add more variety of the objects and characters a person looks for in the landscapes, and text that references it. Also, more movement and responsive qualities in the background, such a birds when a specific gesture is done, currently an example of this type of responsiveness is how the moon-eye moves, it closes and opens depending on if human presence is detected.
  3. Varied texts and possible generative poems that come from the objects that are being looked at in the landscape. This excerpt comes from a piece of writing my friend and I worked at but I would like to make it generative.

Here is an example of how the environments look when swiping:


Here is another landscape: