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It makes me wish I was a better artist so I could do these models justice but I really do think the beauty in AI doesn’t come from how good it is at doing it’s job but how the biases in the original data sets and the human-ness to the human inputs in the prediction models make something completely unexpected.


I was trying to make it like one of those black cat photos where they look really funny. I’m not great at drawing though 🙁 BUT! the cat still looks Cat-like.


Cat heart <3


THIS looks like an actual shoe! Sort of!

This too :).


This was trained on very specific buildings– Like neo-classical style buildings mostly and I tried to draw a more modern design and Im not sure if it Vibed with it very well :O. I wonder what would happen if it was trained also on modern buildings? Would it create a clash in designs? Would it make everything more inaccurate?