marimonda – PhazeroVideo

I am someone who finds VR and virtual 3D media difficult to grasp, while I have worked on it before in classes it is quite difficult for me. It isn’t what I usually do in my own work but seeing this fantastic artist have a solid grasp after a relatively short time seriously gives me hope that I, too, can create work like this. I truly appreciate the visual craft she has in creating spaces that incorporate type, video and game attributes as VR spaces. The aesthetic values she plays with are also super, super interesting to me! I also really appreciate how dynamically she weaves many conflicting concepts to create a characterless virtual space that inserts you, as the player in this space. I also think it was really awesome to hear her relationship with assets and how she, as a creator works through modelling, scripting and designing spaces. This is a lot of labor and hearing an artist talk about this, it made it into a very real relationship to me.