marimonda – ARsculpture

Sentence: “A guide on celebrating December 8th”


For this project I focused mostly on the story of the AR, using JustALine as a prop for a larger overarching story.

Reflecting on this project:

Today is one of the most important holidays for Colombian Catholics, it is a national holiday that ultimately marks the start of the Christmas season. I grew up Catholic in Colombia from a family that is ethnically complex, in terms of religion and racial background(but that is a can of worms that I don’t think ill be touching for a while). For that reason, religion has been something that I am really cognizant of, not so much because of the actual  religious practice and believes but the elements of tradition and culture that radiate from it.

I changed my location on Twitter to the city I grew up in Colombia, in part as a performance and in part as a way to connecting back to that community. One of the most interesting things to see is the way many teenagers interact with our traditional holidays after growing up in English-speaking platforms, as such I saw many girls point out the inherent mysticism and magic of candle lighting. In a way, approaching the weird intersection of the hyper traditional space Catholicism lives in, and modern internet subcultures live in. This lead me to start thinking a lot about the bizarre aspects of my childhood and the beliefs that I held, growing up in a country living through the silent waves of a civil war.

This video was a way to reconnect to some of those experiences from my childhood that sort of came back to interact with me as an almost-adult.