An Augmented Reality app for a lonely Christmas. 

As Christmas is approaching, and with Rona still present with us, I imagine many people will be isolated from their families, thus losing the festive spirit that we indeed need more than ever before.

The most iconic presence in December would be the Christmas trees and the beautiful gift boxes under the trees. It is a sign of love and unity within the household, thus I created this app for people to virtually experience and design their little Christmas space through augmented reality.

For me, I am personally super fascinated with augmented reality, and I see great potential in enabling people to see something that is not actually there as a method to provoke certain emotions. Even though the idea behind this app is warm-hearted and full of love, but I decided to shoot the documentation video with some dark humor of preparing for this Christmas "party" diligently, and only later to be revealed that the whole event is designing this corner with Christmas items virtually. This was inspired by the feelings I have when I put on make up and nice clothes for Zoom classes.

Overall, I struggled a lot through this assignment because I started and attempted to implement a completely different idea, which is as Golan has said, way too difficult for me. It sort of consumed all of my energy, but this idea came across my mind within time (whew), so I am pretty glad with how it turned out given the time I had (my own fault for overestimating my technical abilities :''D).


My idea is an extension of my pet simulation app for the network project. I tried doing these with justALine but it was difficult to decipher, so I drew some simple sketches here. The idea is very simple, basically at different corners of the house, the user will see different pet related objects on the furniture/floor, with some minor scripted animation, to simulate the experience of actually owning a dog. Does having these items around the house bother you? Or you can not stand its full box of toys beside your beautiful plant? Let’s find out.


Coco is definitely one of my top 3 movie that I cried my eyes out in the movie theatre (when that was a thing :”’/ ). I find the beauty of VR in creating this virtual space that you have imagined to be in and to be with the characters that you love. Just imagine having this virtual space to be in when you don’t feel like yourself or you need some of those positive energy from your favorite fictional characters. I think this would be great for mental health when its usage has an appropriate limitation because I do see the potential of people getting addicted and never wanting to get out of this virtual reality. But I am really debating if I should get a VR headset now!


There are three corgis around the corner of the red house. 

The people are not staying there, only dog people live there. There are also two kittens living on the porch. I get to play with the kittens and with Alyssa. It is fun to be with Alyssa. She is my teacher's daughter and my friend. We hang out a lot. We have dogs, cats, bunnies, hedgehogs, dogs, and a pony too. I love this place. I really love it. I love to go to Alyssa's house and see the kittens. We get to watch all of the animals and all the kids. It is really cool. Alyssa has
I think I am not good enough for a lot of things that I want. 

I wish so much to be a good mother and be everything that I can for my children. I feel I am not giving my daughter what she needs. I also feel I am not giving my son what he needs. He is turning three and he is so different from my older two. I have noticed that he does not like being alone in a room, no matter how old he gets. He has a need to be surrounded by people. He is very sensitive, and I guess because I love him so much, I want to be able to make him feel safe, and loved.
Soha on youtube is so cute. 

 So many adorable songs. She has a video on making gnocchi that I highly recommend watching. She's amazing! You can hear her accent even more clearly in this video. If you're into her music, I'll give away her whole first album to one lucky commentor on this post! So I thought I'd share some of the recipes I got from her with you. They are SO easy and SO delicious! All of them are easily recreated using whole wheat flour instead of white flour, and they taste so much better too.
The second one is really surprising.


"A piano that responds to you."

This is a project called AI-duet in the AI Experiments by Google collection. I chose this one because even thought it is relatively simple comparing to other projects I browsed, this one for some reason really connected with me. We are always thinking about how ML can help us do things that we don't or cannot do, but in this project, there's this connection you build with the "other person" inside the screen that listens and responds to you. In some sense this is a new method of communication between people and a machine, which I only find to be adorable instead of weird as I would have expected. The way that it "listens" is super intriguing. I think this is actually the first project which I really loved the simplicity.


My idea is to create a filter that requires collaborative effort from the user and the user’s pet. There are two objects in the 3D space where the Minecraft pig is fixated on the user’s head, and the duck moves along with the pig in space but it is further up front in the z direction. The goal was to have both the user and the pet move their head in the same directions at the same time, which I thought would be a small challenge but it turns out to be a big challenge. So that was that.

If you want to know how hard it is with a dog you can watch this chaotic video,