Proposal for the Removal and Burial of “Turner’s Made Fast”

A project I made for Turner’s is still installed in the basement of Doherty Hall. I mourn the loss of the relationship, but cannot seem to healthily move on from it while this monument to our disordered affection still stands.

Pictured above is a plan in Unity for the grave of the sculpture, which should be imposed in AR over the small amount of grass in my backyard here in St. Louis, over 600 miles away from Pittsburgh. It will be put into action once I receive a reply to the following email:

To whomever it may concern,

[Image of Sculpture]

I’ve made a grave mistake regarding the installation of this sculpture in Doherty Hall B-Level right outside of B302. It has been installed for almost a year and I wish for it to be promptly removed and shipped to the following address:

[My Address in St. Louis]

Please speak to me if funding is an issue.

Thank you,

Benford Krummenacher

I will bury the sculpture once it arrives, like a family pet. Maybe then I can finally move on to healthier relationships.


I was previously working with videos, but found them distracting and not tied to the concept of planning/blueprinting.