3 images made with the general model:

1 image made with the album cover model:

I was surprised by how much I liked some of the generated images. I thought some of them were really exciting, which was unexpected.


Artbreeder was great to create rich imagery with endless possibilities. After some experimentations, I liked images that had realistic lighting with unconventional forms/textures. I felt a bit guilty while making the images though, as I felt like I had too much power creating impressive surrealist images only at the touch of a button.


I played with this tool. Crossing the midway when determining cross breed proportions causes more change than any other shift in position. The breeder is very good at  creating believable images, to which it sacrifices user control on the combination process. The more dissimilar the more the product is unpredictable.


I think Artbreeder is a super cool tool. I found myself really getting immersed in the infinite possibilities. The animation feature was really nice as well. I think that it is certainly a fun creative tool, but I also feel like at some point, the algorithms do all of the work. Combined with the sheer abundance of work, it is difficult to see the creativity in the output.


An absolute gem from the anime generator. 

I thought the second image was cool because it looked like ballerinas to me and I created it from a geyser and landscapes. I made the last one using various types of seafood, so I’m pretty pleased that it looks like a fashionable 1980s British man.

yanwen – Artbreeder

I enjoyed playing around with the different gene categories in the general model. The results are quite unexpected and it’s fascinating to see that the influence of each gene is not entirely evenly distributed.

Besides the general model, I also tried the portraits model. I got these interesting results when I kept all other genes the same but only adjusted the ethnicity values from one end to another.


I really enjoyed the results of the landscapes, but the process of “general” creation with genes was very enjoyable—seeing how each minor change affects the outcome and trying to put together some logic to it.