My assemblage sculpture combines models from David O’Reilly’s Everything Consumable Library. I also used textures from and the unity standard assets packages. I tried working with a composition that I felt would be interesting and would read like a sculpture with a metallic and solid color all throughout. I tried varying the type of material, though all having a similar property of feeling stiff and rigid, like how mental sculptures are. I was able to add a nice touch of color with adding multiple direction lights, and altering the hues which adds pink and teal to the sculpture. Unfortunately, I could not get unity recorder to work as it crashed when I tried starting a recording 🙁 Will make sure to get it to work.


I was mostly playing with Cinemachine and creating dynamic camera movements. I liked the circularity of the objects I combined, but I’m not so sure about the material I used. I wanted to use the textureHaven textures, but they only look good on large or flat surfaces. When I tried to use them on the objects everything looked really muddy.


I created this sculpture using David O’Reilly’s Everything Consumable library and a single foot from I also used fabric textures from

I like how dynamic the composition turned out, as well as how the camera movement complements the shape of the overall sculpture. I wish the models looked more like soft sculptures, but I realized that adding a fabric texture isn’t enough to completely change the materiality of the given models.