1. A house in the woods. Maybe shared between 2 ppl and users can move things around or change things in the interior
  2. Journals placed in specific places around the city with generated text – a record of my childhood/life


I really want to “spice up” my working space through AR, so all of my ideas are based on my current desk setup.

(All my videos recorded in JustALine doesn’t upload to Vimeo for some reason, I’ll attach it later)

Desktop Shark

A shark lurking and swimming around on our desktop; it would consist of a 3D model and some VFX to accompany it.


I like snow 🙂 Make it snow in my bedroom!

Talk to the hand!

An extra hand can help lighten up your day perhaps? I imagine just to have a hand come out of a portal, and probably say some dumb things.


3 ideas:
1. hook up a really standard machine learning model to get back labels and bounding boxes of things in the world. Put game screens over them describing name, status affect and other attributes.

2. corner monsters. In 3d corners (of a room) generate a cobweb or a small monster

3. social distancing ghost. Ghost of covid past occupies spaces shorter than 6 feet wide between people. Involved, would require person labeling and distance calculation algorithm

Toad2 – ARSketch

  1. “Your Friends are Always with You”

Allows the user to bring their stuffed animals everywhere they go. I imagine this program could be used by a parent who has a child who wants to bring their stuffed animals with them, but can’t. So through this program, the parent could console a child by showing the child that their stuffed animals are with them and are having fun at school with them. When a person looks through the phone, they could see stuffed animals walking behind them or playing/dancing. The stuffed animal models and animations could come from free models or I could try to scan in my stuffed animals into the project.

2. “How Big is Whale”

Whales are so large that its difficult for a human to conceptualize. By placing a whale into reality, I could show how dreadfully large whales are.

Sperm Whale Vs Human Size, HD Png Download - vhv


2b. “How Big are Pokemon”

The size of pokemon in Pokemon Go are not accurate at all to the size of pokemon in games. Showing the true size of a pokemon could be interesting to see and further bring the world of pokemon to life. The size of some pokemon are so oddly large, I think by showing the size, I could also demonstrate the implied danger of the pokemon world. This project would probably include whatever free pokemon assets I can find.

Let me ruin your innocence - Album on Imgur


Justaline was not really working for me. I really struggled to make something.

I would like to try and make a structure that someone could potential pass under and look up. THe structure would be of various trees with glass like leaves so that when a person is under it they can see the filtered light from it come through.

gregariosa- ARSketches

I have two ideas in mind (but I’m heavily leaning towards the second direction.)

  1. “Monsters in my room” – A monster appears in the dark crevices of my room — whether it be in my drawers or from under my bed. I think they would be a large rendition of something that would be very small in real life, such as an oversized raisin or a giant toenail.
  2. “Nipples of Venus”* – A fictional story of a person that can’t escape a plump dessert called “Nipples of Venus.” The story begins with the person taking a bite of the dessert at the dinner table. As they move throughout the house, the dessert begins to show up at every part of the house, eventually ending with a bedroom filled to the brim with the dessert.



I want to create a cloud buddy that detects a person and follows them around. The cloud can have two states: a sad one and a happy one. Since a cloud is just a collection of spheres I thing I can make it in Unity with just spheres, but I’m a little more worried about how I’m going to program the rain.


I had a couple of ideas which I was interested in creating an AR sculpture:

  • Indoor Beach

I’m not entirely sure if this could pass as a sculpture, but I’d be interested in creating a beach that can be stemmed from the corner of a room. I miss California, especially the beaches since COVID-19 required all beaches to be closed, so it’s been a while since I’ve gotten the chance to visit a beach. I figured I could create a realistic sculpture of a palm tree, with a miniature realistic beach that surrounds it.

  • Outdoor Palm Trees in Pittsburgh

I’m interested in creating a life-size line of palm-trees with leaves that sway in the wind. I would like them to appear on the sidewalks of any given road, and would like them to be as tall as possible. I’m interested in incorporating the idea of the beach as well into the area surrounding these trees.

  • Sculpture in-between 2 large buildings (Golden Gate Bridge/ Colorful Stream)

Another idea I had was creating an enormous sculpture that exists between my apartment complex and a neighboring apartment complex which I see through my window everyday. Since both apartments are about 20-stories high, I thought it be interested to create a large sculpture that connects both apartment complexes, or is situated so that it connects both of them. Some ideas I had were creating the golden gate bridge, or installing a colorful light stream that flows between both buildings.


Indoor Beach – Just a Line Sketch


I had several ideas for AR projects, though I am not sure how feasible they are. I want to use AR to play with the scale of large structures such as cellphone towers or skyscrapers.

  1. Giant electrical outlet, map asset to planes on building exteriors. User can “plug in” a giant cord into the socket
  2. flying companion. Sort of along the lines of my clock creature, I think it would be cool to have an AR companion that sort of floats around people
  3. The top of the sketch shows a large headless figure running past telephone poles, while its head bounces forward. I think this would be really cool/erie if I could get it to work, however, it would require working across a great depth considering how far apart the poles/towers are