10-07 Soli (Cont’d)


NOTICE. Many of you are writing to me feeling distraught about your grades and performance. I don’t roll that way and you should not be worried as far as this class is concerned. I know that some of you are dealing with medical issues; at least two of you are dealing with the significant disruption of moving and relocation; at least three of you are dealing with punishingly challenging CS courses with brittle testing and assignment schedules; and meanwhile, 2020. I offer you as much grace as I can. The syllabus states that you can punt up to two assignments with no questions asked, except for the Soli assignment. This is true. But if you need a brief extension on the Soli assignment, it is possible. Because it’s functioning like a mid-semester project, I would like you to submit something, sometime. If you’re wise about not overthinking the project, I feel confident that you can make something simple, compelling and achievable relatively soon. I would advise not to get too far behind because the next assignments are pretty fun.

  1. Work Session (50 minutes: 2:40-3:30pm)
  2. Critique Groups (3:30-4:00, 4:00-4:30)
  3. Discussion (4:30-5:00)
  4. Other: Onuoha viewing or new material

Critique groups (30 minutes each)

Round 1.

  • gregariosa, sticks, thumbpin, Toad2
  • pinkkk, sweetcorn, OodBird, axol
  • junebug, miniverse, Shoez, mokka
  • yanwen, lampsauce, marimonda, tale

Round 2.

  • gregariosa, pinkkk, junebug, yanwen
  • sweetcorn, miniverse, lampsauce, sticks
  • marimonda, thumbpin, OodBird, Shoez
  • mokka, tale, Toad2, axol