09-21 Worksession


  • Apologies to Shoez, sticks, sweetcorn regarding feedback
  • Announcement about Forbes Digital Plaza.
  • Status updates about Google Pixel 4 phones
  • Worksession. Live solutions to homeworks. Test of Zoom recording.


Friday, Sep 18, 6:09 PM
to Golan


I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Last week we experienced a problem with the screens and I’ve been frantically trying to figure out what the issue is… Right now we’re unable to get the screen to respond to our hardware, an issue we haven’t had since we opened the plaza.

I reached out to Jake, he has been helping us with other tech issues, and we were unable to figure it out over the weekend. We’ve been following it up with other tech departments, but… right now I’m waiting for responses.

I wish I had better news, I’ve been very excited to share your students work, and this is such a huge bummer.

I hope the beginning of the semester has been going well for you,


Friday, Sep 18, 7:02 PM
to Golan


So, the screens are old, but most of our previous problems have been hardware related in our cage.

We are using an iMac as our playback machine, that outputs to a Traxon device that scales it and then to a second traxon device that reformats it and sends it out a bnc/serial port. All that appears normal, no errors or warnings on their dialog boxes/screesn. When you turn off the last machine in the chain, there are no changes on the screen.

So, the issue appears to be somewhere between the cable and the screen itself, much of which is underground or permanently mounted outside with no apparent access doors : / The screen itself does not have an obvious on/off reset button. Up until last week, my understanding was that it was remarkably dumb but reliable, it seemed that anything sent upstream would be squished and show up on it. Poking around the screen over the weekend didn’t reveal any obvious way to reset it.

The whole system was set up by Martin at Luxe. We reached out to him, their response was essentially, give us $5000 to even look at it. I was shocked. We have some money for problem solving, but that seemed high to me.

I can reach out to Jet, thanks for the connect & I’ll do a better job at letting you know where we are… I really had hoped to have this all up and running again by now.