Summary of Main Projects, Fall 2020:

  1. Introduction & Map (Generativity). Write code to generate a map of an imaginary place.
  2. Living Wallpaper (Loop). Using p5.js, create a seamlessly looping, expressive, full-screen, 16:9 graphic, to be used as a personalized Zoom background.
  3. Abstract Clock. Using p5.js, create an abstract representation of the current time.
  4. Graphics Exercises. 20 brief exercises using p5.js.
  5. Interactions with Soli, a Novel Sensor. Using Soli Sandbox and p5.js on, develop a new interaction for the Soli radar sensor on the Google Pixel 4 Android device.
  6. Mobile Telematic. Using provided p5.js templates on and the Google Pixel 4, create a new mode of networked communication for handheld devices.
  7. Digital Mask. Using Snap Lens Studio and Snap Camera, create a digital mask or costume, and use it in a brief performance.
  8. Machine Learning Exercises. Experimentation with different ML readymades.
  9. Unity Exercises. Introduction to the Unity3D interface and scripting environment.
  10. Augmented Reality. Using Unity3D, create a a brief video about a site-specific virtual sculpture.