Toad2 – ARSketch

  1. “Your Friends are Always with You”

Allows the user to bring their stuffed animals everywhere they go. I imagine this program could be used by a parent who has a child who wants to bring their stuffed animals with them, but can’t. So through this program, the parent could console a child by showing the child that their stuffed animals are with them and are having fun at school with them. When a person looks through the phone, they could see stuffed animals walking behind them or playing/dancing. The stuffed animal models and animations could come from free models or I could try to scan in my stuffed animals into the project.

2. “How Big is Whale”

Whales are so large that its difficult for a human to conceptualize. By placing a whale into reality, I could show how dreadfully large whales are.

Sperm Whale Vs Human Size, HD Png Download - vhv


2b. “How Big are Pokemon”

The size of pokemon in Pokemon Go are not accurate at all to the size of pokemon in games. Showing the true size of a pokemon could be interesting to see and further bring the world of pokemon to life. The size of some pokemon are so oddly large, I think by showing the size, I could also demonstrate the implied danger of the pokemon world. This project would probably include whatever free pokemon assets I can find.

Let me ruin your innocence - Album on Imgur