JODI’s My%Desktop 2002 is a digital piece that utilizes a “user-friendly” Mac OS 9 operating system, manipulating the elements on the desktop through clicking and software manipulation to create a piece with interesting visuals and glitches. The “desktop performance” of glitches and interactions resulted in chaotic frenzy of elements jumping and popping from the screen. When I first walked into this installation in the NY MoMA, I was immediately drawn to the way positive and negative space can be manipulated in a computer desktop, where highlighting an icon or folder creates a contrasting and inverse shape. I never realized how many different formations and patterns can be created from overlaying folders and opening and closing files at a rapid pace. The aesthetic of the old operating system and how it was used as a tool to create interesting visuals inspired me to look for outdated tools which may be useful. After further research, JODI’s intentions behind manipulating a computer desktop was to create a space where normal computers could be given a personality and influence irrational behavior in viewers through overwhelming amounts of data, as they emphasize their concept that “The Computer is a device to get into someone’s head”.