1. From John Oliver’s Facial Recognition video, I found and facial recognition technology in general to be concerning and even frightening in the way in which facial recognition could be exploited and used outside of entertainment. The accurate and elite facial recognition program is well developed as it has collected over 3-billion photos of people from the internet. However, despite being solely used for “law enforcement” agencies, the facial recognition service is said to be used in businesses such as Kohl’s and Walmart, and has been implemented secretively used in many other areas and countries. The amount of ways which facial recognition could be exploited is frightening, and makes me question the functionality and legality of facial recognition technology.
  2. Why should we desire our faces to be legible for efficient automated processing by systems of their design?  It’s no doubt that development of this kind of technology has been made possible by data from millions, even billions of people’s faces, and the idea that they have access to our faces could potentially result in the creation of new, oppressive technologies and ways in which our faces could be exploited.