I’m really fascinated in Tilt Brush, where users are able to create amazing VR sculptures and spaces that come to life before your eyes. I think this project takes visualizing a project to a whole another level, where one is able to view exactly what the prototype looks like in the VR setting and can assist in a more accurate and refined way of creating VR work. I really enjoy the simulation of sculpting from hand, as I think there are times when the interface of programs such as Unity contain setbacks in having the user fully acknowledge a 3d-modeling experience. With Tilt Brush, many users regardless of background will be able to construct in 3D  in a more natural way and simulates enhanced real-life modeling.

I also found this project to be special and interesting in the way an emotional story could be told through VR by rendering 3D characters solely through lines which enhance the effect of memories and flashbacks. I really enjoy the artistic direction and risk-taking element of capturing a narrative with beautiful and delicate people that are abstracted through lines; sometimes more expression can be done with less, and in this case, a face of beautiful lines can be more expressive than a realistically rendered face.