I had a couple of ideas which I was interested in creating an AR sculpture:

  • Indoor Beach

I’m not entirely sure if this could pass as a sculpture, but I’d be interested in creating a beach that can be stemmed from the corner of a room. I miss California, especially the beaches since COVID-19 required all beaches to be closed, so it’s been a while since I’ve gotten the chance to visit a beach. I figured I could create a realistic sculpture of a palm tree, with a miniature realistic beach that surrounds it.

  • Outdoor Palm Trees in Pittsburgh

I’m interested in creating a life-size line of palm-trees with leaves that sway in the wind. I would like them to appear on the sidewalks of any given road, and would like them to be as tall as possible. I’m interested in incorporating the idea of the beach as well into the area surrounding these trees.

  • Sculpture in-between 2 large buildings (Golden Gate Bridge/ Colorful Stream)

Another idea I had was creating an enormous sculpture that exists between my apartment complex and a neighboring apartment complex which I see through my window everyday. Since both apartments are about 20-stories high, I thought it be interested to create a large sculpture that connects both apartment complexes, or is situated so that it connects both of them. Some ideas I had were creating the golden gate bridge, or installing a colorful light stream that flows between both buildings.


Indoor Beach – Just a Line Sketch