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3D Construction Toy

This project allows users to use Soli swipe events to describe various transformations on a cube in 3D space. The project was build using three.js and I learned many things about the THREE.Matrix4 object. I also initially copied some code from 2013 to handle collision detection. However, it was really buggy, so I wrote my own which works by calculating the axis-aligned bounding box (AABB) and detecting collisions. Since each cube must pass through 6 transformation filters, the program requires a lot of swipe gestures. In order to make the program easier to use and more toy-like, the number of cubes is limited to 4. Personally, I could not get the Soli tap event to work on my phone, which is why I only relied on swipe events. Perhaps using tap to drop could make the interaction less awkward.

Project => ( app | code )
*use arrow keys in place of swipe events

Versions / Aesthetics I tried out