COVID-19 Accommodations


The effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and associated civil unrest in the United States make the fall 2020 semester extraordinarily stressful for everyone. I’m utterly uninterested in this class being an additional source of stress. We are gathered to make creative work because doing so is a source of meaning, solace, hope, and self-betterment. Do the projects because your heart is in the work, not because you are concerned about grades.

We will have approximately 8 large projects this semester. I would love it if you did all of them. But you may need a release valve if something goes sideways. With two exceptions*, you are permitted to miss two projects without any penalty or special accommodation. *The exceptions are the first week’s Tooling assignment, and the Sensor Experiment in late September.

Typically I do not allow unexcused absences, i.e., an absence in which you neglected to contacted me before class (“I’m feeling ill today”, “I have a religious holiday”, etc.). However, owing to the kinds of vey unusual circumstances that may arise this fall, you are permitted one unexcused absence.


Please evaluate your own health status regularly and refrain from attending class and other on-campus events if you are ill. You are strongly encouraged to seek appropriate medical attention for treatment of illness. In the event of contagious illness, please do not come to class or to campus to turn in work. Instead notify me by email about your absence as soon as practical, so that accommodations can be made. Please note that documentation (a Doctor’s note) for medical excuses is not required.