An Augmented Reality app for a lonely Christmas. 

As Christmas is approaching, and with Rona still present with us, I imagine many people will be isolated from their families, thus losing the festive spirit that we indeed need more than ever before.

The most iconic presence in December would be the Christmas trees and the beautiful gift boxes under the trees. It is a sign of love and unity within the household, thus I created this app for people to virtually experience and design their little Christmas space through augmented reality.

For me, I am personally super fascinated with augmented reality, and I see great potential in enabling people to see something that is not actually there as a method to provoke certain emotions. Even though the idea behind this app is warm-hearted and full of love, but I decided to shoot the documentation video with some dark humor of preparing for this Christmas "party" diligently, and only later to be revealed that the whole event is designing this corner with Christmas items virtually. This was inspired by the feelings I have when I put on make up and nice clothes for Zoom classes.

Overall, I struggled a lot through this assignment because I started and attempted to implement a completely different idea, which is as Golan has said, way too difficult for me. It sort of consumed all of my energy, but this idea came across my mind within time (whew), so I am pretty glad with how it turned out given the time I had (my own fault for overestimating my technical abilities :''D).