The development of this creature started from basically two ideas: an object transitioning from a soft, blobby state to a rigid one, and empathetic guilt for a simulated creature through interaction. This came from my experiences playing video games, and through the rules of the game, being required to arbitrarily hurt or kill innocent creatures and feeling upset about it.

From there I started thinking about how a lot of animals puff up when they get scared. We seem to think it’s cute, but it’s also pretty sad seeing a creature feel threatened like that. So the goal was to create a blob that would rapidly stiffen and “puff up” upon hearing a loud noise.

visual inspiration for creature

As of right now, I’m still tuning up the physics of the blob, but hopefully this sketch is at least a proof of concept! Without the “scaring” interaction, this definitely feels like a scientist/subject relationship — just watching how the blobs interact and move around.