bookooBread – Telematic

I’ll keep this semi short and also just add a few things Jean didn’t mention in her post.

The first idea, as discussed with Golan, was based on the idea of a space for release via limitless destruction on the internet. It would’ve been similar to a rage room except because it isn’t real, you could destroy things you wouldn’t have been able to normally. It’s also extremely accessible because it’s a public website. However, this ended up just not be feasible within the constraints of a telematic environment, so we decided to go with another idea of making a more subtle, calming, ripple environment. We did actually plan to add sound, but just didn’t get to it. The goal was if just one person clicked it would sound like a soft water droplet, and as more people join and start clicking, it would sound like a quiet rainfall. Thus, it would have a few different peaceful states based on collective effort/how many people are using the site at that moment. We also just thought there was something poetic about being able to see the effects of some anonymous person’s actions in a visible ripple. In addition, in one of our preliminary ideas that included the background, it diluted the focus of this idea and instead made it more about the cute environment – which is not what we wanted.

Final product:

p.s. thank you jean for presenting for us 😅