Sketch on OpenProcessing

Last year, I made a looping gif of a bee circling a jar of honey. I originally wanted to do something similar for this project, with a fish swimming around in a fish tank. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a whole lot of time, so I gave up and decided to quickly just make a circle (or rect, rather, but you get what I mean) that gets bigger and smaller. Once I made it, I felt it was a little TOO easy and plain, so I just made the colors switch every time the rectangle reached its minimum and maximum size.

The loop definitely works seamlessly, but it is very boring and plain, which I’m a little sad about! I did the best I could with the very limited time I have though, so I’m glad it at least meets the requirements! One of my goals was to make the loop seamless without using animLoop, which I did do!

(An obviously outdated original sketch)