I want to make a tool-centric final project, experimenting with training a GAN with images scraped from this ig account:subwayhands.  This was originally an idea for the body tracking project, but I was unable to execute it for that project, so I want to continue with it for the final project.

I think the main reason for wanting to do this project is that after COVID , I became more conscious and paranoid about nyc subways.  While I was in nyc this Christmas I tried to avoid taking the subways, mainly because of health and other safety concerns.  But I still think that nyc subway has its own unique vibes and holds lots of stories. I have followed the Instagram account: subwayhands for a while now, each picture holds a lot of imaginative potentials.

The main challenges for my proposed project are scraping instagram for enough photos to train the GAN, and  whether its possible to make it similar to pix2pix, using webcam captured picture of my hands as the guiding input to generate an nyc subway hand picture.

project sketch: