Final Project: Telemouths Take 2

Telemouths is an experiment in creating tools to allow for video-game style storytelling in a physical setting. Version 1 allowed a remote user to speak through a mask on another participant’s face; version 2 attempts to incorporate the beginnings of game logic by automating speech, triggered by a user’s proximity to points of interest.

YouTube / Dan Sakamoto – via Iframely

Version 2 is a mixed success; still to be resolved are the issue of getting a tone in the desired frequency range to be omnidirectional, as well as some difficulty getting the iPhone microphone to hear those frequencies. Finally, a signal-producing circuit would pitch-drift when used to generate high-enough sounds, and had to be set aside for now.

Speech snippets in this version are taken from the “The Sims 2”.

Documentation of iteration 1 can be found here.
The signal-generating circuit is based on this tutorial, just with one of the resistors changed in order to change the frequency.
Unity code is on github. Note that it’s the same repository as the last iteration, with the new version of unity file added.
Dog whistle app (used in place of signal-generating circuit) was downloaded from the Apple App Store here.

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