Plant Link

Plant link is a plant watering reminder system. It detects the moisture of the plant and sends a text message to your phone to water it.

The link can account for different plants and will send texts based on the best time to water the plant and by how much. You do not want to over or under water the plant at any point as there is a high chance of death.

What I really like about this system is that it gives more life to your plant in terms of communication. Sure if you see the plant turning yellow you know its dying but at that point it might be too late. With this system you have little messages like “water me” and “I am thirsty” that give you more of an emotion reason to water your plants.

I have a plant of my own and I don’t know how it has lasted so long but I get scared that it will die from unknown reasons. This system would really help alleaveate those fears that I and others have.

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