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Things I’ve considered when approaching the prompt of building an internet connected smart object.


LCD issue: as cellphone screens increase in resolution year by year, the thermostat becomes less and less aesthetically attractive in comparison.

| Tile – Never Lose Your, Keys, Wallet Or Anything Again

Tile- out of mind, does nothing negative besides take up physical space in users life.


The worst waterbottle ever

1. The idea that you need an app and an entire personal system to tell you when you’re thirsty, when you have the innate ability to do so on your own.
2. The idea that you need a personal water bottle to verify that a public water source is safe to drink! A band-aid to an overarching systematic issue. So only concerned affluent people that can spend upwards of 120 dollars to “be safe” rather than address the issue.
3. The bracelet water bottle combo adds overall complexity to a situation that doesn’t need it.
4. The idea of buying a combo activity tracker and water-bottle is a complete and total disaster for many reasons that could be elaborated (individual quality, interdependence, form of wristband dependent on form of bottle)
5. The fact that you have to CHARGE YOUR WATER BOTTLE.
6. The fact that the lithium battery that charges your water bottle (ridiculous in the first place) burns out after 400 recharges ultimately means that the water bottle is meant to be discarded or replaced.
7. The fact that the “fitness tracker” end up needing to be replaced because of its lithium battery

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