Ten Questions

Physical computing Questions from Reading

  1. What would it take to get to a dystopian society like that in “society of spectacle”
  2. Do you think that the objects we own will ever be personified such as a refrigerator that seemed smug?
  3. “How smart does the bed in your house have to be before you’re afraid to go to sleep at night? – really interesting because of how it shows the constant anxiety attached to over measurement of daily activities (aka fitbit)
  4. Is time really the only commodity left?
  5. 25% discount of paintings on wall – similar to Amazon kindle adds on screen of kindle until payment
  6. What exactly does it mean for a “critical engineer” to raise awareness with each technological advance in our techno political literacy?
  7. Why exactly should the “critical engineer consider the exploit to be the most desirable form of exposure.
  8. Could there be other solutions to profound problems besides implementing more technology?
  9. Will the wealth of new data provided by “smart cities” aid anyone in making anyone happier?
  10. Will technology “literally disappear into the woodwork” as IOT is expanded to the outer reaches of our life?

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