Digital Fish Tank

Arduino Code

For this draft, I modified my initial concept a bit. Instead of having a “smart” fish tank that responds to texts/messages, I’ve decided to make a digital interface for a fish tank that is child-friendly. It will control the same elements as I planned, but possess different inputs.

The switches and buttons I’ve used in past projects are functional, but I’m not a huge fan of their form. While I could modify them/ work around that, instead I’ve chosen to make my own switches using conductive tape — ultimately they’re going to be tile-shaped, but they’re currently not much more than functional. Which leads me to…

Currently my project has about no form, but my end project will have the shape of a fish and more intuitive interactions. I also plan on adding in a water pump, but it’s not currently added to the project because the pump I plan on using is at home and I’m going to bring it back with me after break. Flow rate will be controlled by a row of sensors to measure speed (either hand-made like the switches (which would just be three switches in a row with one tile) or with capacitive touch sensors, if I can get them to work well and look good).

(^preliminary sketch)

(testing the tape)



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