A Machine that Slowly and Painfully Erases Waluigi (Assignment 3)


I started with this:
A tripod of solenoids that would behave as specified in this image:

The emotion I was going for was futility and frailness.  I wanted the tripod to scramble about aimlessly, the firing of the solenoids powering it.  Unfortunately I over estimated the strength of the solenoids and found that they wouldn’t move when under their own weight.  I simplified, and got a bigger solenoid.



I found that its’ scooting about was still really weak and pathetic, which I liked.  The ideal version of this piece would have had a slice of pizza stapled toppings-down to the bottom, as the sled.

1 thought on “A Machine that Slowly and Painfully Erases Waluigi (Assignment 3)”

  1. It looks like you could have used the built in exercises in the Arduino resources as a base. From there you could manipulate the code to react how you want it to. With the concept, I think it’s a humorous interpretation of despair, in almost a satirical way. It questions which is more sad, the dematerialization of Waluigi or the flopping pizza (a bit random but funny)?

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